The Old village of La Laupie

The old village of La Laupie will certainly surprise all old-buildings lovers, in a location surrounded by lavender, truffle trees or olive trees fields. You also may be staggered by the beauty of giant cypresses.

And the many vaulted passages of the old Village will eventually bring you to our Gite du Guetteur.

After the first little square, immersed in the Renaissance courtyard spirit, your attention could easily be caught by each corner, each step of these historical stairs.

Every detail was meticulously crafted, from the brown shutters to the superb vaults. And even the vestiges of ramparts are nice and restored. The first preoccupation during the village restoration was authenticity.

La Laupie overlooks all the plains on which you can find the Saint Michel chapel, perched on its small hill: a real marvel from the 12th century, with its varnished roof. It is a classified monument you should not miss.

At last, the castle, inherited from a first building built around 1000 and transformed many times as time went by. Now, it got back its hanging garden, giving it its originality. A place you can discover only on foot, after the car parks, no motorized vehicle is allowed.